City Hall/Police Department Tours

Tour Features

City Clerk/Community Relations Manger Lesley Nemetz will personally greet your tour group in the City Hall Council Chambers. Depending upon the day, the Mayor may assist in leading your group throughout City Hall, stopping in each office for a brief explanation.

The group will then be assembled back in the Council Chambers, where the Mayor may conduct a mock council meeting. The group will enjoy a fun learning experience as different members are selected to be the Mayor, City Attorney, Alderpersons, and City Clerk. The group may also sit in the council seats to discuss a current city issue, hear from citizens (the rest of the group), and finally vote on the issue.

The group will then be taken into the Municipal Court room where they will be able to sit in the Judge's chair and see what its like to bang his/her gavel. 

Upon completion of the City Hall tour, the group will be lead over to the Police Department, where they will be given a tour of the Police Administration offices, patrol rooms, and even get to see and hear a Police Car! 

Reasons for Tours

City Hall tours are great for scout groups working on a city government badge and school groups studying city government for their American history unit. We also provide these tours for daycare and younger school age children. Of course, any type of group is welcome.


The entire tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, but we will certainly abide by your time constraints. 

More Information

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact City Clerk/Community Relations Manager Lesley Nemetz at City Hall at 715-526-6138 or Email.