Non-Liquor Licensing Information

Please click the links below for the license applications you and/or your business require. 

If you have any questions on whether or not a license is required for you and/or your business, please contact City Clerk Lesley Nemetz at or 715-526-6138.
Amusement License - $20/each (Juke Box/Music Device, game machines, pool tables, dart boards, etc.)
Bowling License - $5.00/lane
Cigarette/Tobacco License - $100.00/year
Milk License - $25.00/year
Theater - $25.00/screen
Direct Seller/Transient Merchants/Solicitors ($100.00/year per company plus additional $15.00/employee)
Rummage Sale License - $30.00/day (See Chapter 7.07 of the City Code for more information)
Secondhand Dealer/Pawnbroker License - $100.00/year