Park and Recreation Commission

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • Meets monthly
  • Shawano City Hall
    127 S Sawyer Street 
    Shawano, WI 54166


The Park and Recreation Commission shall administer the park and recreational facilities of the City. The principal object and duty of the Commission shall be to foster and promote the development of City park and recreational facilities, as well as programs related thereto.

Member Information

The Commission shall consist of four (4) members (appointed by the Mayor for three (3) year terms) and  one (1) Alderperson (appointed by the Council President for one (1) year term).
Member Name Member Phone No. Term Expiration
Kevin Barkow 715-524-4003 04/30/2021
Nickiann Meyers 715-853-1258 04/30/2021
William E Krenger 715-526-6443 04/30/2022
Jerry Weisnicht 715-524-2871 04/30/2022
Alderperson Seth Mailahn 715-526-2724 April 2021
Acting Mayor Rhonda Strebel, Ex-Officio 715-853-3007 April 2021
Park & Rec Dir. Matt Hendricks, Ex-Officio 715-526-6171 N/A