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Public Meetings to Transition Temporarily to Teleconference Format

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Office of Open Government issued a release on March 16, 2020 advising units of local government that meetings can be conducted by teleconference and still meet the requirements of Open Meetings Law. In order to meet the requirements of Open Meetings Law, the access information must be made available to the public at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. See the Wisconsin Department of Justice release here. 

In light of the City of Shawano Public Health Emergency announcement of March 23, 2020 the City of Shawano will be using ZOOM to transition public meetings temporarily to a teleconference format. See the City of Shawano Public Health Emergency announcement here. 

  • Agendas for public meetings will be posted online and in public locations as required by state law and will include access information for the public to call into these teleconference meetings. Specific instructions for calling into City of Shawano ZOOM teleconference meetings is at the bottom of this post.
  • The City’s ZOOM software subscription allows for up to 100 participants to attend a teleconference at once. We do not anticipate capacity issues for attendees.
  • Minutes will be recorded in writing and presented for adoption at the next meeting of that body.

Accessing a City of Shawano ZOOM Teleconference:

  1. From a cell phone or landline phone, call the following toll-free phone number: 1 (888) 788-0099 or 1 (877) 853-5247. When prompted to enter a meeting ID, enter the ID number located at the top of the meeting agenda followed by the # key. 
  2. Closed session discussions will have a different meeting ID and will require a password be entered to access the teleconference line. The unique meeting ID and password will be shared with voting members and staff.
  3. If you call in before the time that a meeting begins, you may be placed on a brief hold until the meeting begins.
  4. For best audio quality for all participants, please mute your phone when you are not speaking. You can mute and unmute your phone to speak during public comment sections of the agenda by dialing *6 from your phone keypad.

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • 6:00 PM
  • Second Wednesday of the month
  • Shawano City Hall - Lake Room
    127 S Sawyer Street
    Shawano, WI 54166


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Legal Representation

The City of Shawano is represented by legal Attorney Katherine Sloma.


The Common Council is made up of Alderpersons and the Mayor.  A Common Council serves as the legislative arm of the city government.  They decide policy matters, enact ordinances, resolutions and motions and approve the annual budget.  The Council also appoints or confirms the appointment of certain city officers.  The Council may conduct business only when a quorum is present.  Two-thirds of all the members of the Council constitute a quorum.