Fence Information

Fences shall be located within any property line abutting a side or rear yard. All fences must meet the visibility standards as provided in our City Code. They shall have no points or sharp edges within residential districts. Any and all fences, landscape walls, or decorative posts shall be erected so as to locate visible supports and other structural components toward the subject property. Only a decorative fence shall be allowed in any front yard (this shall mean no chicken wire, snow fence, or unattractive materials are used). The responsibility of establishing the property line shall rest with the property owner. All fencing or more than 20-feet in length shall require a fence permit with a fee of $40. (Fees are subject to change per Council Resolution - contact the Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector for current fee.)

A 4-foot maximum fence height is required in the front yard (30-feet back from property line or inside of sidewalk).

Maximum height for fences (other than the front yard) is 6-feet for residential districts.

Corner lots MUST see the Building Inspector for setbacks.

For further information regarding Code or to obtain a Fence Application, contact the Building Inspector at 715-526-6138, stop at City Hall or click on the link for a fillable Fence Application.