Restricted Activities

Riding or Driving on Grounds Regulated
No person shall ride or drive in any portion of the cemetery grounds not laid out in the Cemetery as a street or alley.

Restricted Activities
No person shall willfully destroy, mutilate, injure or remove any tomb, monument, gravestone, building or other structure placed in the Cemetery, or any fence, railing or other work for the protection or ornamentation thereof, or shall willfully destroy or injure any tree, shrub or plant within the limits of the Cemetery.

Picking flowers, walking, driving or running over lots and graves; bringing animals into the cemetery grounds are strictly prohibited.

No person other than the Cemetery Caretaker/Park and Recreation Department shall destroy bird nests, shoot or throw stones at birds, or catch or kill any wild animal on the cemetery grounds.

No person shall use or possess any glass container in the Cemetery.

Shrubbery & Evergreens
Planting of any shrubbery and evergreens will not be permitted. Tree planting must be approved by Cemetery Caretaker/Park and Recreation Department.