Headstones, Markers & Monuments

Foundations for Headstones
All foundations for headstones, markers or monuments must conform to City standards.

Headstones, Markers & Monuments
Only 1 headstone, marker or monument shall be permitted on a family lot. All exceptions must be approved by the City Park and Recreation Department. No monuments or markers are to be placed at the foot of the grave, except government and family markers (said markers to be flush to ground). Inscriptions are to be on the front of the monument, but a family name may appear on the back of monuments. No marker or monument will be permitted to be installed until all lot charges are paid.

The Cemetery Caretaker/Park and Recreation Department must be notified 8 working hours prior to placement of any headstone, marker or monument. Incorrectly placed headstones, markers or monuments are the responsibility of the owner or person ordering the headstone, marker or monument.

Mausoleums, Vaults or Tombs
Plans for mausoleums, vaults and tombs must be submitted to the City of Shawano Common Council for approval before they may be constructed.

Other Structures
No person shall construct any fence/wall without the written approval of the Cemetery Caretaker/Park and Recreation Department, and any person who shall fail to remove such unauthorized fence or wall within 10 days after having been ordered to do so in writing shall be subject to penalty as provided in City of Shawano Municipal Code Section 20.04.