Utility Newsletter

Winter Moratorium Ends April 15
The Winter Emergency Period, often referred to as the "moratorium", ends April 15th. After that date, utilities state way may begin to disconnect electric service to customers who are past due on their utility bills. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin established the moratorium to protect customers from disconnection during harsh Wisconsin winters.

In order to keep electric rates low in our community, Shawano Municipal Utilities makes use of all methods available to collect unpaid bills accumulated during the moratorium. If you have not been paying your bill, we urge you to start paying any past-due balances now to avoid disconnection in April. Please see the enclosed letter regarding charges to SMU's policy on offering Deferred Payment Agreements for Tenants with past due accounts.

Paying Your SMU Bill
Depending on your income, you may be eligible for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) to help with your heating/electric bills. Contact the Shawano County Energy Assistance Office at 715-526-4740. Their office is located at 607 E Elizabeth Street. You will need a printout of your electric usage from SMU to include with your application.

You may also pay your bill with a debit/credit card in our office during working hours or on our website. You will need to enter your 8-digit account number and your 8-digit customer number. These numbers are listed on your bill. There is no charge to the customer for using this payment option.

Please include the top stub from your bill when making your payment. This will help us credit the correct account and helps our office staff from trying to locate where the payment should be posted.

Avoid stapling or taping your check to your payment stub. Staples and tape can damage checks and may be rejected when submitting them for deposit.

Easy Payments
SMU offers different options to pay your utility. One of the easiest options is the Shawano Utilities "Bank Draft". You still receive your monthly bill as you have in the past, but the amount due is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the due date. No worrying about missing the due date and getting a late fee, writing checks, addressing envelopes and buying stamps to mail in your payment. It is easy and safe. We will need a voided check to have it withdrawn from your checking account or a deposit ticket to have the payment withdrawn from your savings account. Please contact our office at 715-526-3131 for more information.

Happy Easter
Shawano Municipal Utilities and all city offices will be closed on Friday, April 3rd. Happy Easter to all our customers!
Note: The landfill will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Employment Opportunity
The Shawano Area Fire Department is expanding our employee list for Fire Fighters. We protect the City of Shawano and Townships of Belle Plane, Richmond, Waukechon and Wescott. All Applicants will be considered for employment and training will be provided for successful candidates. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Please pick up and return applications to the Auto Preparation/C Store at 222 N Main Street.

Special Request
If you have been paying your SMU monthly bill using an online payment service through your bank, please be sure you are using the correct account/customer number listed on your bill. We have had several cases where customers have moved from one location to another and continue to use the same account information when making their payment. These numbers change if you move or make a name change on your account. Also, if you have your online account set up on auto pay you will want to verify the numbers are correct. This will enable us to make sure your payment is posted to the proper account(s)
Thank you!

After 35 years of dedicated service to SMU and the Department of Public Works, Jim Flaig is setting his sights on a well deserved retirement. Jim's readiness to help, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge of the water and sewer system have done a great deal to improve our utilities through the years. Although we will miss Jim he has worked hard during his career and has earned the opportunity to enjoy more time with his family and grandchildren. Jim's last day is March 13, 2015.

Spring Clean
Watch next month's newsletter for details on the 2015 Spring Clean Up and any curbside collection changes!