Preparing Garbage for Collection

Rules & Regulations
All garbage shall be well drained, wrapped in paper and placed in clear plastic bags. Plastic bags shall be designed for this use and properly secured. The bags shall be puncture, rip and tear resistant. Residents shall not place waste in the bags in excess of what the bag can safely hold with out breaking or tearing when picked up.

Garbage and refuse may not be placed loose in a container. Bagged garbage and refuse may be placed in the automated collection containers. Automated Containers shall be placed at the curb on your collection day. Please do not place your cart within 4 feet of any obstruction (mailbox, vehicle, power pole etc.)

Collection Days
Please see the city map (PDF) to determine what your normal collection day is. All collection items need to be curbside by 7 a.m. to be picked up by the Public Works Department Crew.