Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Shawano is an independent, separate and distinct public body exercising powers determined to be necessary by the state to protect and promote the health, safety and morals of his residents.  The authority is created for the purpose of carrying out blight elimination, slum clearance, and urban renewal programs and projects set forth by Wisconsin State Statute 66.1333(3).

The mission of the Redevelopment Authority is to eliminate blighting conditions that inhibit neighborhood reinvestment, to foster and promote business expansion and job creation, and to facilitate new business and housing development.  The Redevelopment Authority:

  • Prepares and implements comprehensive redevelopment plans
  • Assembles real estate for redevelopment
  • Is empowered to borrow money, issue bonds and make loans
  • Can condemn property (eminent domain) in furtherance of redevelopment objectives.
The Redevelopment Authority has seven main objectives.  They are as follows:
  1. Assist the City of Shawano and other civic and business organizations to generate marketing materials for purposes of:  educating the public regarding the goals of the redevelopment plan, and provide prospective clients with information on vacant or empty parcels in the project plan area.
  2. Encourage property owners to remodel, restore, or renovate structures in the Redevelopment District.  The RDA will focus redevelopment efforts to maintain the Main Street historic character, activating the downtown as a civic hub of economic and social activity, and increase the East Green Bay Street Corridor presence as a vital commercial corridor.
  3. If remodeling, restoration or renovation is not possible, the Authority may consider acquiring vacant, obsolete, deteriorating or deteriorated buildings that are causing a blighting aesthetic appearance, and economic welfare in the district.
  4. Remove impediments to redevelopment due to the diversity of ownership (parcel assemblage), vacate and relocate public right-of-way, and relocate private parking lots to facilitate the development and redevelopment of commercial and industrial uses.
  5. Provide for the orderly physical and economic growth of geographic area within and around the Redevelopment District through planned and controlled redevelopment.
  6. Encourage coordinated redevelopment of parcels to achieve efficient building design, maximum utilization of sites, unified off-street parking and service facilities, and pedestrian connections and open spaces from Main Street to rear parking areas.
  7. Strive for high standards of design for new development, rights-of-way, landscaping, and open spaces.
Authority Members

The Redevelopment Authority relies upon the City of Shawano for the professional, technical and administrative support necessary to carry out its mission.  Board members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council.  Current members are:

Jeanne Cronce,  Chairperson
Dave Kerber, Vice-Chairperson
Jerry Wendland
Amanda Sheppard
Tim Mead
Tim Schmid
Mayor Bruce Milavitz

Project Plan and Boundaries
Please click the links below to view the RDA project plan, which includes the boundary maps. The appendix attachments are also included for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
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