Comprehensive Plan

Purpose of a Comprehensive Plan

The City of Shawano Comprehensive Plan 2040 is intended to help the City guide short-range and long-range growth and development.  The purposes of the Comprehensive Plan are to:

  • Identify areas appropriate for development and preservation over the next 20 years;
  • Recommend appropriate types of land use for specific areas in the City's planning area;
  • Preserve agricultural lands and farming around the City;
  • Identify needed transportation and community facilities to serve future land uses; 
  • Direct private housing and other investing in the City; and 
  • Provide detailed strategies to implement Plan recommendations. 

Planning Area
The City of Shawano encompasses 6.72 square miles.  The planning area includes all lands currently within the City of Shawano's municipal limits as well as the unincorporated areas within and just beyond the City's 1.5 mile extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Within the ETJ, State Statutes enable the City to plan for those areas that bear relation to the City's development, review subdivisions, enact extraterritorial zoning, and implement an official map.  It should be noted that the ETJ expands automatically as annexations occur.

City of Shawano Comprehensive Plan Links
Full 2040 Comprehensive Plan with Maps 
Full 2040 Comprehensive Plan without Maps
All of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Maps

(Note: the Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan can be found as Appendix E within the Comprehensive Plan.)

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