Comprehensive Plan

The City of Shawano in the process of updating its comprehensive plan that was last adopted in 2009.  The 2016 amended version can be seen here. Recognizing the need to update the existing comprehensive plan, the community enlisted the assistance of East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. Similar to the existing comprehensive plan, the update will be developed consistent with Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

The general approach taken for this process will be multi-faceted in order to meaningfully engage elected officials, state agencies, residents, and the business community on the establishment and implementation of their vision for land use within the community. Information contained within the previous plan will be reviewed and revised to reflect current conditions. This information and data will be reviewed with community leaders, staff, and the general public to ensure that the basis for the updated land use plan is current and well-connected to short-term and long-term trends and challenges.

30-Day Review Period

The 30-day public review period will run from September 24, 2021 to October 27, 2021.  Please click here to review the updated draft sections of the Comprehensive Plan.  On October 27, 2021 at 5:00 PM the City of Shawano Plan Commission will be holding a Public Hearing to review and recommend adoption of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the City of Shawano.  (Notice of Public Hearing - October 27, 2021)

Upon reviewing the updated draft sections of the Comprehensive Plan, please submit your comments/concerns to the City of Shawano Planning and Zoning Administrator Dave Moesch prior to the October 27th Public Hearing to ensure that your comments are considered during this meeting.  The public is also invited to attend  the Public Hearing if they would like to provide comments/concerns in person. 

2040 Comprehensive Plan - Public Comment

  1. Please provide your comments/concerns regarding the proposed updates to the City of Shawano Comprehensive Plan.   Information will be submitted to Planning and Zoning Administrator Dave Moesch. 

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