Memorial Park Destination Playground

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Destination Playgrounds are different than what we have in the rest of our park system.  They are usually larger and unique to such a nature that people will travel a greater distance to visit because of the exciting play elements.  Our goal over the next couple years is to bring such an experience to Shawano.  Please see the associated pictures, site plans, and cost projections.  Please note that these are not final designs, in fact they are the very beginning.  Something for you to look at and then give us your feedback on.  What cool play pieces are missing?  What should we have more, or less of?  Let us know what you see in other communities and want here.  These designs are fluid and are expected to change, as will the price tag. 


One of our goals is to make this playground fully ADA accessible.  Although this has many different components and definitions, the most noticeable is the play surface material.  A poured in place rubber versus the typical wood chips that you see at our other playgrounds.  Currently we are looking at Memorial Park as a possible site.  With the removal of the parks maintenance shop in 2021.  We would then have plenty of green space as we would also remove the existing playground as well.  This in conjunction with the splash pad and park shelter all in one area could make a very cool play campus.  This will be a large undertaking and have great expense to it.  Thus we want to get it right.  If you have ideas or thoughts and would like to share them with our staff, please contact Matt Hendricks at    We will also be in need of grants, fundraising, and other generous financial support.  If you have such connections and skills please consider becoming a partner with us in this project.