SMU Agendas, Minutes and Commissioners

Shawano Municipal Utility (SMU) Commission Meetings are held the first Monday after the first Thursday of each month.

Shawano Municipal Utility Commission (7 Year Term):

Paul Black  715-526-6709  Email   (09/30/2022)
Joseph Celmer  715-524-5285   Email   (09/30/2019)
Michael Reuter  715-526-5606   Email   (09/30/2020)
Roger Pescinski  715-526-6101   Email   (09/30/2021)
Alderperson Bob Kurkiewicz  715-526-2690   Email   (2019) 
Alderperson Sandy Steinke  715-853-1472   Email   (2019)
Mayor Jeanne Cronce  715-526-6138   Email

Ex-officio Member:
City Administrator/SMU General Mgr Brian Knapp  
715-526-3131   Email