Licenses & Permits

Please print out the applications you need and return the originals to City Hall at:
127 S Sawyer Street
Shawano, WI 54166

If you have any questions regarding the applications or licensing procedures, please feel free to contact either Karla Duchac or Lesley Nemetz at 715-526-6138.

Please note that any applications regarding employment with the City of Shawano can be found on the Employment Opportunities page. 

For building permits and other building applications, please see the Building Inspector's page.


Amusement License Application

The cost of an Amusement Device license is $15.00 per device for 1 year.

Bartenders/Beverage Operator License Application

The cost of a Beverage Operators License is $30.00 for a 2 year license. All applications must be turned on one week prior to the Council Meeting in which they will be acted upon. 

Bowling License Application

The cost of a Bowling License is $5.00 per lane for 1 year.

Cigarette License Application

The cost of a Cigarette License is $100.00 per year for 1 year.

Dog/Cat License Application

This application is for mail in use only.  Please be sure to read and follow all the instructions on this form.

Liquor License Renewal Application

Only use this application if you currently have a Liquor license from the City of Shawano.  If you are looking to obtain a new liquor license, you must contact Karla Duchac, Clerk Treasurer or Lesley Nemetz, Deputy Clerk at 715-526-6138.


License Fees

        Class B Liquor: $500/year
        Class B Beer: $100/year
        Class A Liquor: $500/year
        Class A Beer: $100/year
        Class C Wine: $100/year
        Publication Fee: $20 (or entire cost of publication if not turned in by renewal deadline.)



        Liquor License Renewal Application
        Acknowledgement of Reference Materials - Must sign.

New Liquor License Applications

Please remember that you must contact either Karla Duchac, Clerk-Treasurer or Lesley Nemetz Deputy Clerk at 715-526-6138 prior to filling out an Original (New) Liquor License Application. 


License Fees

        Class B Liquor: $500/year
        Class B Beer: $100/year
        Class A Liquor: $500/year
        Class A Beer: $100/year
        Class C Wine: $100/year
        Publication Fee: $20 (or entire cost of publication if not turned in by renewal deadline.)

Milk License Application

This application is only needed if you are selling your own brand of milk.  The cost of a milk license is $25.00 for 1 year.

Pawnbroker License Application

Please see the attached application for information regarding fees for this license type.

Temporary Class B Picnic License

A picnic license can only be issued to bona-fied clubs or groups and is good for up to 4 consecutive days.  A picnic license cost $10.00 per event.

Theater License Application

The cost for a theater license is $25.00 per screen for 1 year.

Transient Merchant/Direct Seller/Peddler License Application

The cost for this license is $100.00 for 1 year. 

Other Applications

Committee/Commission Applications

Please fill out the Committee/Commission application and return to Mayor Jeanne Cronce at Shawano City Hall (127 S Sawyer Street, Shawano, WI 54166).

City Hall Room Rental Agreement

This form can be used to reserve one of the meeting rooms at City Hall.  Please note that all fees must be paid prior to using the room.