How to Recycle

The City of Shawano collects recyclables every other week and should be placed out for collection the same day as refuse collection. All recyclables shall be rinsed clean and free of any contamination before placing in the recycling cart.

When collected by the City, these materials shall be placed in the city issued recycling carts.

Acceptable Recycling Items
The following items can be mixed together and placed in the city issued recycling cart:
  • Plastic: Plastic bottles and containers marked with a 1 through 7 are recyclable. Remove the caps and rinse the container well.
  • Glass: Any food or beverage type glass container is 100% recyclable. Wash out the container, remove (if possible) the metal or plastic caps and/or rings.
  • Steel Cans: All metal food cans are recyclable. Rinse the containers clean and remove the labels.
  • Aluminum: All beverage cans are recyclable. Rinse the container clean and flatten. Clean aluminum trays and foil wraps are recyclable.
  • Paper: All types of dry clean paper are accepted. Recyclable paper includes: newspaper, magazines, telephone books, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, other paper board boxes and waxed paperboard boxes.
    • Unacceptable paper includes: paper towels, tissue paper, waxed paper, and any other paper contaminated with food, grease or oil.
  • Cardboard: All non-waxed cardboard is recyclable. Please note: pizza boxes are not recyclable as they are contaminated. Pizza boxes should be included in your refuse cart. Flatten all boxes and place in the city issued recycling cart.
Additional Concerns
If residents have any questions regarding the preparation of recyclables for collection they may contact the Public Works Office.