Lobby Services

  1. Bike Registration

    The City of Shawano requires residents of the city to register their bicycles. Should your bike be stolen and recovered, this registration makes it possible for the police department to return your bicycle to you.

  2. Fingerprinting

    The Shawano Police Department provides fingerprinting service to citizens in need of fingerprinting for employment purposes.

  3. Open Records Request

    You may request copies of records maintained by the Police Department by filling out the Open Records Request form and submitting it to the Police Department.

  4. Parking Tickets

    Find out the different options for paying a parking ticket.

  5. Prescription Drug Drop Box

    The Shawano Police Department offers a safe place to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs.

  6. Vehicle Registration & Renewal

    Citizens can register and renew their cars, motorcycles and lightweight trucks with the Police Department.