Dog & Cat Licensing

Love your pet, make sure it has a tag!

Per City of Shawano Municipal Code Section 7.13, your pet must be licensed whether or not it is indoors most of the time, according to WI Statutes Chapter 174.052. Licenses are effective January 1st to December 31st and are available at the Shawano Clerk-Treasurer's Office.

Proof of rabies vaccination must be presented at issuance of license. It is unlawful for any person to keep a dog or cat in the City of Shawano which is over 5 months of age and has not received a rabies vaccination as required by W.S.A. s. 95.21(2).

License Fees
  • Male or Female: $10
  • Neutered Male or Spayed Female: $4
  • An additional State Penalty is charged if license is not obtained before April 1st: $5
  • Duplicate metallic dog/cat license tag: $1
  • Change of ownership transfer fee for licensed dog/cat: $1
No household shall have more than 3 dogs and 3 cats over 5 months of age.